The purpose of SMARTSign is to help hearing parents of deaf children learn American Sign Language (ASL). Ninety percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents and are less likely to receive exposure to language before they are of school age. This lack of language exposure can have severe consequences throughout their life.Read more


Mobiphos is an application designed to run on digital cameras that supports the automatic sharing of photographs among members of a collocated group who are engaged in a social activity. Mobiphos allows users to easily take pictures, browse thumbnails of those pictures and share their photos within a collocated group of people in real-time. When a person takes a photograph using Mobiphos, that picture is automatically shared with every member of the collocated group. At the same time, she is able to view a constantly updating stream of picture thumbnails scrolling across her screen as they are being captured and shared with her by her fellow group members. From the user’s perspective, all of the photographs captured by the group...Read more

Textile Interfaces

The Textile interface Swatchbook, developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is a platform that allows fashion, interior, and textile designers alike to explore the intersection of technology and textiles in a user-friendly manner. It is comprised of conductive-based textile swatches, a notebook with an embedded micro-controller that enables swatch/laptop communication (or, in theory, communication with any electronic device), and a graphical user interface that demonstrates how soft circuits can interface with existing electronic devices. Using non-traditional conductive materials, such as metallic thread, fabric, and/or Velcro, the Swatchbook allows you to experiment by making novel GUI-like textile input systems for controlling mobile devices. Those interested in wearable technology can benefit from this textile interface tool as it permits for highly...Read more


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