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I am a data scientist working at the social network Xing in Hamburg working on Recommender Systems and Text Categorisation. I am also involved in organising the ACM Recommende Systems Challange 2016 . My main interests are in Machine Learning and Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Computing and Pattern Recognition. 

I was a phd student and greaduate research assistant in the Contextual Computing Group at Georgia Tech. My main interests are Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. Current research is focused on automatic pattern discovery, speech and gesture recognition, machine learning, and human computer interaction. I was a student assistant in the intelligent systems group at the University Bremen. After handing in my Diploma Thesis I joined the Neusta Software Development Group as a mobile developer. Before joining the phd program in computer science at Georgia Tech, I was a researcher at University Bremen for a short periord of time.

dkohlsdorf6 'at' gatech.edu