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I'm an employee at the GVU, a research center at Georgia Tech. I work with Thad Starner's Contextual Computing Group and run the GVU's prototyping lab.

With the CCG, my current research focus around conductive textile interfaces. We've used conductive thread to embroider designs into fabric that can act as touch sensors, so we're now focusing on designing interfaces around these sensors. With the GVU, I provide prototyping support for students and professors in the GVU, as well as students in some of our prototyping-centered courses. If you're working on a GVU project, and you need advice on the electronics or case for a design, feel free to contact me.

I'm also a bit of a hardware-hacker in my spare time. My hobby projects are on my personal site, but they center on the same core skills that I've picked up - coding for microcontrolers and some basic electronics. My office is in the Tech Square Research Building, room 240. You can also email me at my CoC email address, scott at cc.

Scott.Gilliland 'at'