You have reached the Georgia Tech College of Computing Research Community Drupal server, a cooperative initiative between CoC researchers and the TSO Research Program Support Group. Basically, CoC students manage the Drupal software, create new Drupal instances and troubleshoot software problems. TSO Research Program Support makes sure there's decent hardware support, file backups and provide continuity for the Drupal server management.

List of Active Instances

The following is a list of current Drupal instances that are being used at the College of Computing:

  1. Aristotle Research Group, Mijung Kim, Mary Jean Harrold
  2. BORG Lab, Chris Beall, Frank Dellaert
  3. Brainlab, Melody Moore Jackson
  4. Brainlab KG Study Internal Site, Melody Moore Jackson
  5. Computational Perception Lab, Irfan Essa
  6. Contextual Computing Group (CCG), Thad Starner
  7. Everyday Computing Lab, Yevgeniy Eugene Medynskiy, Elizabeth Mynatt
  8. GreenIT Research Program, Nawaf Almoosa, Sudhakar Yalamanchili
  9. SDM at CERCS, Fang Zheng, Karsten Schwan
  10. WallLab, Karthir Prabhakar, James Rehg

List of Old Instances

The following is a list of sites that have been moved or decommissioned:

  1. Admin-a-Drupal, Randy Carpenter
  2. AAAI Workshop on AI and Fun, Mark Riedl
  3. Alternate Computing Technologies, Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
  4. AR Education Work, Iulian Radu, Blair MacIntyre
  5. Augmented Environments Lab, Blair MacIntyre
  6. Brainlab KG Study Blog, Melody Moore Jackson
  7. Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research (chmpr), Tom Conte, Peter Wan
  8. Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS), Ada Gavrilovska
  9. Cloud Management at CERCS, Hobin Yoon, Karsten Schwan
  10. Cognitive Robotics Lab, Jake Huckaby, Henrik Christensen
  11. Computational Science and Engineering Lab (csela), George Biros
  12. Computing4Fun, Mark Riedl
  13. Data Mining and Information Retrieval Lab (DMIR Lab), Steven Crain, Hongyuan Zha
  14. Entertainment Intelligence Lab, Mark Riedl
  15. Electronic Learning Communities Lab, Kurt Luther, Amy Bruckman
  16. GTatHome, Jake Huckaby, Henrik Christensen
  17. GT MIT USC MURI Collaboration, Richard Roberts, Frank Dellaert
  18. HPC Computational Biology, Srinivas Aluru
  19. Human-Centered Computing, Staging instance for the future Human-Centered Computing website.
  20. Humanoid Robotics Lab, Mike Stilman
  21. Hybrid Virtual Machines, Magdalena Slawinska
  22. Intelligent Narrative Computing, Mark Riedl
  23. The Keeneland Project, Magdalena Slawinska
  24. Manifold Research Group, George Riley
  25. Non Player Character AI, Chris Simpkins, Charles Isbell
  26. OpenSensing Alliance, David Quigley, Thad Starner
  27. Polaris Augmented Reality Browser, Bryan Davidson, Blair MacIntyre
  28. Program Analysis Group (PAG), Mayur Naik
  29. Randy Carpenter, A sandbox site for Randy
  30. Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Stefan Posey, Henrik Christensen
  31. Robotics Graduate Student Organization, Jake Huckaby, Henrik Christensen
  32. Street Grace, Jennifer Stoll, Keith Edwards
  33. Street Grace Connect, Jennifer Stoll, Keith Edwards
  34. Technology Services Organization, Randy Carpenter
  35. Theory Group, Dani Denton, H. Venkateswaran
  36. Unity Augmented Reality Toolkit, Brian Davidson, Blair MacIntyre
  37. Webgames, Arya Irani, Charles Isbell

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