List of Old Instances

The following is a list of sites that have been moved or decommissioned:

  1. Admin-a-Drupal, Randy Carpenter
  2. AAAI Workshop on AI and Fun, Mark Riedl
  3. Augmented Environments Lab, Blair MacIntyre
  4. Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research, Tom Conte, Peter Wan
  5. Cognitive Robotics Lab, Jake Huckaby, Henrik Christensen
  6. Computational Science and Engineering Lab (csela), George Biros
  7. Computing4Fun, Mark Riedl
  8. HPC Computational Biology, Srinivas Aluru
  9. Manifold Research Group, George Riley
  10. Non Player Character AI, Chris Simpkins, Charles Isbell
  11. Polaris Augmented Reality Browser, Bryan Davidson, Blair MacIntyre
  12. Randy Carpenter, A sandbox site for Randy
  13. Street Grace Connect, Jennifer Stoll, Keith Edwards
  14. Unity Augmented Reality Toolkit, Brian Davidson, Blair MacIntyre