Here are some resources that might help you in your quest to build a site.

Also, on May 25, 2010, TSO gave a Brownbag course on Creating Research Web Sites with Drupal and the PDF of the slides are attached below.   User Groups

  Mailing Lists Here are some e-mail lists that you may find useful:

  • drupal-users@cc - A CoC mailing list for Drupal site owners on this server.
  • - A GT Drupal community discussion list.  Many site administrators and developers around campus share information here.

 Tutorials, Videos, etc.Here are a few other, great resources to get started -

  Getting Started References Check out the beginner track at DrupalCamp Atlanta - If you want a test environment on your Win/Mac - the fastest way is using Acquia's "DAMP" (Drupal/Apache/MySQL/PHP) package. This gives you a nice graphic interface to getting a web and database server running on your local machine. Download Documentation.

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