List of Active Instances

The following is a list of current Drupal instances that are being used at the College of Computing:

  1. Aristotle Research Group, Mijung Kim, Mary Jean Harrold
  2. BORG Lab, Chris Beall, Frank Delleart
  3. Brainlab, Melody Moore Jackson
  4. Brainlab KG Study Internal Site, Melody Moore Jackson
  5. Computational Perception Lab, Irfan Essa
  6. Contextual Computing Group (CCG), Thad Starner
  7. Everyday Computing Lab, Eugene Medynskiy, Elizabeth Mynatt
  8. GreenIT Research Program, Nawaf Almoosa, Sudhakar Yalamanchili
  9. SDM at CERCS, Fang Zheng, Karsten Schwan
  10. WallLab, Karthir Prabhakar, James Rehg