Everyday Computing

We introduce a new area of interaction research, everyday computing, by focusing on scaling ubiquitous computing with respect to time. Our motivations for everyday computing stem from wanting to support the informal and unstructured activities typical of much of our everyday lives. Our goal is understanding the transformation of everyday life as computing is ubiquitously integrated into informal, daily activities and routines.

Lab News

ECL at CSCW '14 | February 14, 2014

The ECL will be presenting at the conference for Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) February 15-19 in Baltimore. Maia Jacobs will be presenting her latest work with James Clawson on the Cancer Compass project, which explores the design space of cancer navigation. Look for Andrew and Jessica as well!

ECL at CHI and Pervasive Health 2013 | April 12, 2013

You can catch most of the ECL during our spring euro-trip as we attend CHI 2013 in Paris, France (April 27 - May 2) and Pervasive Health 2013 in Venice, Italy (May 5 - 8)! Beth Mynatt will be giving a keynote presentation at Pervasive Health, as well as moderating a panel at CHI. Read on for the rest of the lab!

At CHI, alum Andrea Grimes Parker will present her paper on children's identity management in online health forums, and participate in a panel. Andrew Miller will be participating in a panel as well, while James Clawson is helping organize the workshop on grand challenges in text entry. See you in Paris!

At Pervasive Health, Andrew Miller will present a full paper as well as attend the doctoral consortium, both discussing his dissertation work on StepStream. Matt Bonner will join him at the DC to cover progress on his own dissertation project, Snack. Maia Jacobs will present a poster on her work with James Clawson; the Cancer Compass project. Jessica Pater will also be in attendance - ask her about her work on online communities and cyberbullying. Ciao!

If you're going to be at CHI or Pervasive Health this year, be on the look out for ECL lab members and alums! We'd love to talk with you!

ECL members present research at the Georgia Capitol | February 9, 2013

Maia Jacobs and Andrew Miller represented the GVU center and demoed their research as part of GT Day at the Capitol. On February 1, Andrew and Maia spoke to Georgia representatives and aides about their work, attended a session at the Georgia House of Representatives, and (most importantly) got their pictures taken with Buzz, the GT mascot.

Beth Mynatt at University of British Columbia for Distinguished Lecture | January 17, 2013

Today ECL founder Beth Mynatt was at the University of British Columbia (UBC), contributing a talk to the UBC Department of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture Series. You can view a video of Beth's talk; Combining Computing, Design and Healthcare: Charting an Agenda for Personal Health Informatics.

Andrew Miller recognized as Foley Scholar | October 24, 2012

The ECL's own Andrew Miller was recently recognized as a Foley Scholar! The Foley Scholarship, named in honor of the GVU Center's founder, recognizes outstanding researchers for their impact on critical societal challenges. Andrew was recognized for his work on StepStream, a social tool for adolescent health. Congratulations to Andrew and the other 2012 Foley Scholars!