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Entertainment Intelligence Lab

Director: Mark Riedl, Ph.D.

The Entertainment Intelligence Lab investigates computational approaches to creating engaging and entertaining experiences. Some of the problem domains we work on:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer games
  • Storytelling
  • Interactive digital worlds
  • Adaptive media and procedural content generation
  • Believable virtual characters

We focus on computationally "hard" problems that require automation, just-in-time generation, and scalability of personalized experiences.

One of the central themes of the lab is intelligent narrative computing. Narrative is a cognitive tool used by humans for communication, sense-making, entertainment, education, and training. The goal of this research is to discover new computational algorithms and models that can facilitate the development of intelligent computer systems that can reason about narrative in order to be better communicators, entertainers, educators, trainers, and in general more capable of interacting with humans.