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Creativity Support Tool for Machinima Editing

This is a CHI'13 video preview of the paper Creativity Support for Novice Digital Filmmaking. Machinima is a new form of creative digital filmmaking that leverages the real time graphics rendering of computer game engines. Because of the low barrier to entry, machinima has become a popular creative medium for hobbyists and novices while still retaining borrowed conventions from professional filmmaking. Can novice machinima creators benefit from creativity support tools? A preliminary study shows novices generally have difficulty adhering to cinematographic conventions. We identify and document four cinematic conventions novices typically violate. We report on a Wizard-of-Oz study showing a rule-based intelligent system that can reduce the frequency of errors that novices make by providing information about rule violations without prescribing solutions. We discuss the role of error reduction in creativity support tools.

Game Forge

Game Forge is an intelligent system that automatically generates a playable Computer Role Playing Game (CRPG) given a set of preferences and specifications from the user. Read more...

Mobile Health Gaming

The goal of this project is develop a platform for mobile games that motivate healthy behavior away from the computer, i.e., walk, run, or bike. Games motivate through story/fantasy, challenge, and opportunities for social interaction. A mobile alternate reality game can only be played by moving through your environment. Read more...

The following is a dramatized use case of the weQuest app:


Cambot is prototype application that can direct machinima movies. Given a script of dialogue and a virtual set, it blocks the actors, places the virtual camera and edits the movie together. The directorial heuristic can be altered to achieve different effects. Read more...

The following video shows several examples of Cambot functionality:

See the Cambot project page for more example videos.

Automated Story Director

The Automated Story Director reasons about the experiences of the interactive user -- the participant -- in a virtual world and intelligently determines how to manipulate the virtual world such that the participant's experiences unfold as stories. Read more....