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Story Generation & Interactivity Games & Media
Open story generator creates and tells stories about any topic with the help of human computation. [Pubs]
A computational model of the affective suspense response to narrative content. [Pubs]
Data-driven personalized drama management using sequential collaborative filtering. [Pubs]
Scenario Adaptor
Automatically "rewrite" training scenarios and game plots to specification. [Pubs]
Data-driven procedural content generation using collaborative filtering and declarative optimization. [Pubs]
Game Forge
A procedural computer role playing game generator. [Pubs]
A mobile/cloud Alternate Reality Game (ARG) platform with end-user authoring and AI location adaptation. [Pubs]
Generates comics/graphic novels from a human-authored story script (based on Cambot). [Pubs]
Creativity Health
Assistive AI
How can intelligent support tools can assist human creators of machinima? (with DWIG). [Pubs]
Digital Improv
Seeks to understand the creative processes involved in improvisational theater (with Adam Lab). [Pubs]
Social skills training intervention for children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders. [Pubs]
A virtual agent that supports treatment decisions for prostate cancer patients.
Inactive Projects
Doraemon Generator
Generates gadgets for sci-fi & fantasy stories using conceptual blending. Inspired by the Doraemon comics. [Pubs]
Case-based/Analogy Story Generator
Case-based & analogical reasoning as a model for creativity in story generation. [Pubs]
Fabulist Story Generator
A story generation architecture based on cognitive principles of narrative intelligence. [Pubs]
A virtual move director for 3D worlds that produces machinima visualizations from an annotated script. [Pubs]
Automated Story Director
A framework for creating interactive narratives for entertainment or training. [Pubs]

[Miscellaneous publications] include papers not directly associated with the above projects.