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Advanced Game AI class for Fall 2012

Mark Riedl will be offering a special topics course on Advanced Game AI. The course will focus on believable virtual characters in computer games. The course is structured around seminar-style readings and discussion, and accompanied by a semester-long team project.

Can computers tell a better tale?

Brian O'Neill's work on suspenseful story generation is featured in GVU's Innovators@GVU series. Brian discusses his work on Dramatis, a computational framework that recognizes suspense and dramatic arc with an eye toward computational systems that can one day tell society’s next great magnum opus.

Learning to tell stories from the crowd (updated)

Automatically Learning to Tell Stories about Social Situations from the Crowd, accepted to the LREC 2012 Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative. Story generators to date have been dependent on an author-defined domain (i.e. micro world). These micro worlds are cumbersome to build, especially when involving highly specific social and cultural phenomena, limiting the applicability of story generation in general. Read more below the break...

AIIDE 2012

Mark Riedl is the General Chair of the 8th AAAI Conference on AI and Interactive Digital Entertainment, the premiere conference on Game AI and entertainment-related AI.

Kicking off 2012 Publications

The lab starts of 2012 with a couple of great papers. Hong Yu published a paper on personalized story generation in AAMAS'12. Alex Zook published his work on automated training scenario generation at the Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games.

Nick Davis wins Best Student Paper

Nick Davis wins Best Student Paper for his work on Distributed Creative Cognition In Digital Filmmaking at the 8th ACM Conference on Creativity and Computation, in collaboration with Albert Li, Brian O'Neill, and Michael Nitsche.

AI Video competition nomination

Our video of the Game Forge system was nominated for most innovative at the AAAI 2011 Video Competition. Watch the video.

Paper award nominations

Nick Davis' paper Distributed Creative Cognition In Digital Filmmaking and Alex Zook's paper Formally Modeling Pretend Play have been nominated for awards at the 8th ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition.

Creative and cognitive

The lab has 4 papers in the 2011 Conference on Creativity and Cognition.

Two honorable mentions for NSF graduate fellowship

Sauvik Das and Alex Zook both received honorable mention status for their NSF graduate fellowship proposals.

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