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Mark Riedl, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Post-Doctoral Researchers
Brent Harrison, Ph.D. Ph.D. from NCSU, 2014
Graduate Students
Alexander Zook Ph.D. candidate
Kristin Siu Ph.D. candidate
Matthew Guzdial Ph.D. student
Lara Martin Ph.D. student
Christopher Purdy Ph.D. student
Will Hancock M.S. student
Sasha Azad M.S. student
Carl Saldanha M.S. student
Graduate Students
Cheng Han Gan  
Affiliated Members
Brian Magerko Ph.D. Associate Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication, and Adam Lab
Scott Appling Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Luc Pons Ph.D. student, IRIT, France
Andrew MacVean Ph.D. student, Heriot-Watt University, UK
Nick Davis Ph.D. student (advised by Ellen Do)
Hong Yu Ph.D., 2015, now at Apple
Boyang Li, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2015, now a Research Scientist at Disney Research
Brian O'Neill, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2013, now an Assistant Professor at Western New England University
Stephen Lee-Urban, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2012 (LeHigh University, advised by Hector Munoz-Avila), now a Research Scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute
Rania Hodhod, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2010 (University of York, advised by Daniel Kudenko), now an Assistant Professor at Columbus State University
James Niehaus, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2009 (NCSU, advised by Michael Young), now at Charles River Analytics
David Roberts, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2010 (advised by Charles Isbell), now an Associate Professor at NC State University
Fatima Boujarwah, Ph.D. Ph.D., 2012 (advised by Gregory Abowd), now an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University, College for Women
Mohini Thakkar M.S. 2014
Afshin Mobramaein M.S. 2013, now a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz
Chinmay Barve M.S., 2010, now at Twitter
Devika Karnik M.S., 2010
Ken Hartsook M.S., 2011, now at Electronic Arts
Sanjeet Hajarnis M.S., 2012, now at Facebook
Michael Drinkwater M.S., 2012, now at Knexus Research
Brandon Headrick M.S. Computer Science, 2012
Jon Rafferty  
Marc Huet  
George Johnston  
Matt Lee B.S. 2013
Sam Rickles B.S., 2010, now at Sony Pictures Imageworks
Aziel Ferguson B.S., 2010, now at Anodyne Health
John Munro B.S., 2010, now at Autonomy
Sauvik Das B.S., 2011, now a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University
Sabrina Heath B.S., 2011
William Bishop B.S., 2012
Karthik Narayan B.S., 2012 (advised by Charles Isbell), now a PhD student at UC Berkeley