Our Project consists of the following sub-projects:

The EVPath is designed to be an high-performance event transport middleware layer. Specifically, it is designed to allow for the easy implementation of overlay networks, with active data processing, routing and management at all points in the overlay. EVPath not only provides for the low overhead movement and in-line processing of large data volumes, but also offers the flexibility needed to support the varied data flow and control needs of alternative higher-level streaming models. EVPath is used as the underlying building block for various components of our I/O pipeline.

The Adaptable IO System (ADIOS) provides a simple, flexible way for scientists to describe the data in their code that may need to be written, read, or processed outside of the running simulation. By providing an external to the code XML file describing the various elements, their types, and how you wish to process them this run, the routines in the host code (either Fortran or C) can transparently change how they process the data. ADIOS uses a log-structured file format termed BP for data storage. This design, together with other techniques such as buffering and scheduling, helps ADIOS to achieve portable high performance I/O on start-of-the-art High End Computing platforms.

The DataStager/SmartTap provides scalable, asynchronous data staging service to offload simulation output data. Data staging services moving output data from compute nodes to staging or I/O nodes prior to storage are used to reduce I/O overheads on applications. total processing times, and explicit management of data staging offers reduced perturbation when extracting output data from a petascale machine.s compute partition. DataStager can run on Both Portals and Infiniband interconnects. Recent progress on SmartTap enables intelligent data extraction and customization with dynamic code generation technique.

The PreDatA is an approach for preparing and characterizing data while it is being produced by the large scale simulations running on peta-scale machines. By dedicating additional compute nodes on the peta-scale machine as staging nodes and staging simulation's output data through these nodes, PreDatA can exploit their computational power to perform selected data manipulations with lower latency than attainable by first moving data into file systems and storage. PreDatA is useful for data pre-processing, runtime data analysis and inspection, as well as for data exchange between concurrently running simulation models.

The SmartPointer is a rich analysis and visualization pipeline which provides a paradigm for utilizing multiple light-weight client endpoints in a real-time scientific visualization infrastructure. Together, the client and server infrastructure form a new type of data portal for scientific computing. We are working on adding more functionality and adaptive control into SmartPointer and applying SmartPointer for analyzing the output data from LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Infiniband clusters.